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Report a Spotted Lanternfly in Virginia (Please include address of location and photo of insect or egg mass)

Website Resources:

Virginia Cooperative Extension Resources for Spotted Lanterfly in Virginia

Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) Spotted Lanternfly Resources

Spotted Lanternfly in Albemarle County:

The Albemarle County Extension office has been training volunteers and monitoring for Spotted Lanternfly at various sites across the county since April of 2020.

This invasive pest poses a significant threat to area vineyards, orchards and hops yards. In addition, mass numbers of these insects can be a nusiance to homeowners and cause damage to landscape trees.

The presence of Spotted Lanternfly adults in Albemarle County was reported and confirmed in July of 2021.

Continued monitoring and reporting is critical to controling the spread of Spotted Lanternfly in the County. Please use the link above to help us identify and report these insects!