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Horticulture & Natural Resources

Horticulture is the science and art of using plants to improve human life—through the cultivation of fruit and vegetable crops, providing ecosystem services through sustainable landscapes, and improving human well-being through environmental design. Virginia Tech and Virginia State University maintain active research and outreach programs focusing on solving applied plant science questions with state, national, and international impact.

The Department of Horticulture supports a diverse array of outreach programs through the Extension Offices throughout the state, at the main campus in Blacksburg, and in Agricultural Research and Extension Centers in Hampton Roads, Blackstone, and Winchester, Virginia. Outreach focuses on sustainable approaches for the green industry and horticultural crop production. The horticulture department’s Hahn Horticulture Garden offers educational programming to its members and the public. In addition, the department coordinates the state Master Gardener Program.

Virginia Tech's College of Natural Resources is the only comprehensive education, research, and outreach program in natural resources in the state. Specific departments and programs in the college are considered among the best nationally by many measures. Our vision is to build upon these existing strengths to become an innovative international leader in environmental and natural resource science, creating and sharing the knowledge needed for sustainable management of our resources for this and future generations.  It is through this college that the Virginia Master Naturalist Program originates.

Bringing the research from these programs to the communities is the job of the Horticulture and Natural Resource Extension Agents.  The programs we offer through our local county offices and regional Agricultural Research and Extension Centers are in response to local needs as determined by local Extension Agents, Extension Leadership Councils, and local stakeholders.

Monthly Horticulture Tip Sheets